Paris Breakfasts Gourmet Paris Maps in Watercolour

Carol Gillott is an American artist who has been living in Paris full time now for 3 years.  As soon as I started following her popular ParisBreakfasts blog a few years ago, it didn’t take long to become hooked on such an artistic eye’s view of life in Paris and open my own eyes to a different perspective on a city I’d lived in since 1992.

Watercolour map of Ile Saint Louis ice cream from Teatime in Paris

Carol particularly loves the gourmet side of the City of Light. Whether it’s varieties of cherries or Coeur de Boeuf tomatoes floating around the Eiffel Tower, she always manages to paint Paris dreams. It’s no surprise that ice cream also makes a lip-smacking feature, as she lives just a stone’s throw from the Parisian ice cream institution on Ile Saint-Louis.

Paris Breakfasts Eiffel Tower watercolours

While I tend to look up at historical plaques on buildings and put my foot in it (twisted my other ankle this way last month), Carol is more down to earth – spotting spectacular shoes and colour-coded fashions of those around her. I always wondered about the fascination in chaussures until she explained her background in designing shoes which took her around in the fashion world from NYC, Hong Kong, India, and Italy.

As she says herself, her Mom taught her watercolors at 5 and she’s still at it, painting for Champagne Mumm, Peggy Porchen, Guerlain, The Russian Tearoom, the Maharana of Udaipur, and … for my book, Teatime in Paris!

Carol Gillott of Paris Breakfasts sketching maps

When Carol agreed to work on a delicious map as the endpapers of the book, I was overcome with excitement seeing her at work in her studio as she started sketching out ideas based on the book’s recipes.  I knew she was mad about maps already, but I had no idea that this was her first gourmet map of Paris in the making!

hot chocolate and garden maps

Imagine having a wonderful excuse to taste what she paints: as I brought a few madeleines, chouquettes, and buttery financiers from the book, Carol made us the most exquisite hot chocolate with grated cinnamon.  And while we sipped on the chocolate, I realised that we were surrounded: even her placemats were maps of the gardens of Versailles.  And before we knew it, the book was launched in May this year.

Teatime in Paris endpapers map watercolour by Carol Gillott

Then in June, Carol presented us her map of Rue du Bac (check out my latest guide to the pâtisseries and chocolate shops on Rue du Bac).  Her subscribers were also receiving such treats in the mail while last week, Chef Conticini also fell under Carol’s mapping spell.

Rue du Bac map in watercolor by Carol Gillott

And just look what continued? Rue Mouffetard, Rue du Cherche-Midi, Rue Montorgeuil, Rue de Martyrs, Ile-Saint-Louis ….

Paris maps in watercolour by artist Carol Gillott

These foodie streets could all be yours and it’s not too late before Christmas, although you’ll need to hurry to receive Carol’s Paris monthly sketches and maps in your Mailbox.

Paris Breakfasts in your mailbox

Don’t you just love to get mail in the holidays?  Especially from Paris…

Rue Du Bac – Paris Pastry Street

From the kitchen

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  1. These are fabulous! Reminds me of 1950s and 1960s illustrations of Paris.

  2. Carol is so talented! She did a marvelous job with your end pages 🙂

    • Didn’t she, Liz? So glad it inspired her to go on to do her maps.

  3. I love the illustrations in your book, and all of Carol’s maps and cards are just so lovely to explore. I love maps of any sort, but these are especially happy maps! What a nice surprise to find in one’s postbox! Great gift idea!!

  4. I love Carol’s letters and maps, I receive them every month, makes the mail worth waiting for… (my hubby says with everyone, you have mail from Paris, with a cute smile!)

  5. I’m giggling ;))
    This is my life. And Bear’s too.
    Thank you Jill!!