UK-US glossary of terms

baking sheet cookie sheet, sheet pan
beetroot beet
bicarbonate of soda baking soda
bitter almond extract almond extract. All almond extract is made from bitter almonds whether it is labelled “bitter” or not
caster (or castor) sugar superfine sugar
clingfilm Saran wrap/plastic wrap
coriander cilantro
cornflour cornstarch (the thickening agent, a white powder)
crème fraîche Good alternative is Greek yoghurt
demerara sugar raw or turbinado sugar
dessicated coconut flaked or shredded coconut
double cream heavy cream (40-48% butterfat); crème fleurette
fan oven convection oven
Plain Flour (T55 in France) All-purpose Flour
Plain Fine Flour (T45 in France) Cake/Pastry Flour
Golden Syrup (Tate & Lyle) nearest equivalent in consistency is corn syrup. Depending on recipe, for a closer taste to golden syrup than corn syrup provides, you could maybe substitute light-brown sugar.
greaseproof paper baking parchment
ground almonds almond flour, almond meal
icing sugar powdered, 10X, or confectioner’s sugar (in the USA, ensure it’s organic so not too much cornstarch in it)
muscovado sugar dark brown sugar
salt (fleur de sel) Celtic sea salt, Maldon salt flakes, real salt (fine)
single cream light cream (crème légère 15-30% fat)
tomato purée tomato paste
unsalted butter don’t assume butter labelled “sweet butter” is unsalted. Check the ingredients list on the packaging. Also, only use 'European-style butter' with over 82% butterfat, not whipped butter or low-fat spreads.
whipping cream (crème fleurette @ 30% fat) light whipping cream (30–36% butterfat), heavy whipping cream (36 – 40% butterfat). Choose light whipping cream where whipping cream is indicated in these recipes.
whisk (verb) beat, whip
whole milk full-fat (full-cream) regular milk, not skimmed or semi-skimmed milk. UK and US whole milk has the same butterfat content.