Easy French Healthy Recipes

Happy and Healthy New Year to you! Are you getting your 5 fruits and veggies a day? Do you know your onions or is it none of your onions? Are you stepping on the mushroom this January? Discover some fun French expressions and more from the new  seasonal market produce guide. Check out the full recipe index, including French classic dishes and desserts for winter.

Jill Colonna holding macarons


Meet Jill !

Jill Colonna created her Paris based food blog in 2010 to coincide with the release of her bestselling book, Mad About Macarons.  Now she draws on 30 years’ experience of French family life in Paris – plus her spell as bubbly chocolate-pastry tour guide, inspiration behind her second patisserie recipe book Teatime in Paris and this blog. She’s not just mad about macarons!

Discover her healthy, easy recipes from choosing the best market produce to her French kitchen, and see how it’s possible to avoid dieting yet enjoy the pastries following some lifestyle tips.

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Macaron Talk & Recipes

What is a Parisian macaron, the difference between a macaron and macaroon or looking for a vegan macaron recipe? See different filling and flavour ideas plus recipes to serve with sweet AND savoury macarons from the recipe books.

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Food Guides

Here you’ll find Jill’s local guides to Paris’s tea rooms by arrondissement, plus a growing list of popular Parisian chocolate, pastry and macaron shops – and what makes each of them so special.
Looking for gourmet travel ideas for a day trip or further from Paris? PLUS check out the new French market produce page!

Paris Food Guides

Watch the recipes

Some of your most popular recipes are now on video! From Lotte à l’Armoricaine, Palets Bretons to a Corsican mint omelette (copied from her Corsican mother-in-law) it’s where Jill plays flute as she makes easy dishes in her kitchen near Paris.
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