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ingredients for making no-bake chocolate creams
What do you mean by ground almonds - is that almond flour?

Absolutely!  Refer to the Glossary of UK – USA baking terms.

Why are the recipes in grams and ounces?

American readers may be disappointed not to see measurements in cups. I’m not forgetting you – but making macarons and French pastry is particularly precise, and the French cook and bake this way by weight. This achieves consistent successful results in your cooking and baking.

So I recommend that you measure your ingredients by WEIGHT (grams), not volume (cups) using digital scales (they’re not expensive). This ensures that your measuring is as precise as it needs to be. If you’re used to ounces, with digital scales you can simply switch the button over to grams and we’re all talking the same language.

For much more in detail, see my post explaining why I recommend digital scales.

My macarons have cracked. What did I do wrong?

When sometimes things don’t turn out the way you planned. Nobody’s perfect! In my first book, Mad About Macarons, please refer to the troubleshooting section at the end of the book where I cover all sorts of problems. Many are easy to solve – it could be just down to your oven or your egg whites!

If your macarons are cracked, they will still taste good – so please don’t waste them. Make the recipes here on the website such as

Can I share a recipe?

I would be delighted for you to share!

However, the recipes and images on the website are copyright Jill Colonna. If you wish to link to the recipes on the site, then please contact me (jill(at) with credit to Jill Colonna at

For the recipes in the books, Waverley Books by law has the copyright and license to publish them, so they are uniquely in the books. If you wish to use a recipe from either book, please contact Liz Small at Waverley Books (info(at) first for permission.

Many thanks!

What butter do you use?

I use good quality French butter preferably from Normandy or Brittany and often use salted butter, as it’s a speciality for many French cakes (e.g. Palets Bretons).  As I know it’s not often easy to find in the rest of the world, in my recipes I use unsalted butter and add fleur de sel salt in order to get the closest possible. Do try to use European-style butter with over 82% butterfat.

I'm a bookshop/trade customer. How do I order your books ?

Please contact my publisher, Waverley Books (The Gresham Publishing Company Ltd.), directly: info(at) or their UK distributors at BookSource.
For orders or enquiries Tel: +44 (0) 845 370 0067 or via Gardeners Books Wholesalers

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A question not answered here?

Contact me either via the Contact Form or by email jill(at) or directly under the relevant (recipe) post where I’ll be happy to answer you as soon as I can.

Oven Temperature Conversions

Fan ºC Fan ºF Gas mark Normal oven ºC Normal oven ºC
120 250 1 140 280
130 270 2 150 300
140 280 2 1/2 160 320
150 300 3 170 340
160 320 4 180 360
170 340 5 190 375
180 360 6 200 400
190 375 6 1/2 210 410
200 400 7 220 425
210 410 8 230 450

Glossary of UK-US Baking Terms

Confused with the difference between plain flour or powdered sugar?

I have you covered in this listing of UK-US Glossary of Terms.