Easy French Recipes

In Season in France: it’s time for Autumn mushrooms, apples, pears, walnuts, chestnuts, watercress and pumpkins (potimarrons) and clementine oranges around Paris. Meet me at our local French market for more!

Looking for a particular recipe? Jill’s not just mad about macarons. Go to the Recipe Index for the full listing of French recipes – some with a Scottish touch. On mobile? Turn your telephone around horizontally to get the full experience.
Cosy up with our French stews, teatime bakes, gluten free recipes or winter warmers – or the latest cookie and holiday gift recipes:

Jill Colonna at the Pyramide du Louvre in Paris with macarons


Meet Jill

Jill Colonna’s Paris based food blog inspires a healthy French lifestyle via do-able recipes and local guides. A Scot cooking in Paris since 1992, she shares 30+ years of making everyday food for her French family – starting with fresh produce at the market.

Initially created in 2010 on the release of her first bestselling fun book, Mad About Macarons, which inspired many now professional bakers to make macarons, this blog instead centres on easy French recipes and French food guides. If you watch her videos, you’ll hear she has kept her Scottish accent!

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Paris map Mad About Macarons

Food Guides

Here you’ll find Jill’s local food guides to Paris’s best tea rooms (by arrondissement) near your favourite museums or landmarks.
Also discover many popular Parisian pâtisseries and chocolate shops and what makes them so famous.
Central to French culture, is the market guide, so choose your fruit and vegetables and let’s get cooking!

French Food Guides

Watch the recipes

Some of your most popular recipes are now on video! From monkfish stew, Palets Bretons to her Mother-in-law’s Corsican mint omelette, make easy dishes with Jill from her kitchen near Paris.
It’s also where she plays flute. So stay tuned by subscribing – there’s more to come. Here are 3 egg white recipes: