Japanese-Style Macarons at Sadaharu Aoki Paris

You’ve already heard me rave about them, haven’t you? These Matcha green tea macarons are by award-winning pastry chef, Sadaharu Aoki. For nearly 20 years, he has been amazing the Parisians with his Japanese influences to French pâtisserie. His yuzu citrus macarons pack a delicious punch, as do the black sesame.

For me, however, his tea-infused macarons are extra special such as Earl Grey, Hojicha grilled Japanese tea, and genmaïcha, which is a green tea combined with roasted brown rice.

green tea macarons

Green tea, however, is the chef’s favourite addition to his pastries.

Do you remember the Tokyo Macaron Yaki at the latest Salon du Chocolat in Paris, where Mr. Aoki came up with the idea of sandwiching and baking a chocolate macaron with a green tea waffle? It’s most unusual – and highly original – like an oozing chocolate waffle cake with the delicate taste of green tea.

Sadaharu Aoki Tokyo macaron yaki for the Salon du Chocolat Paris

This week was my birthday. So what? It’s nothing special but the day started out with a delivery from Waverley Books of a box of my second book, “Teatime in Paris“.  The neighbours probably heard the excited squeals down our rue. Smells of new books are now also drifting around the house and they keep turning up next to pastry tastings.


Let me introduce you to Ginza: a raspberry, strawberry and hibiscus pastry which, like his other pastries are wonderfully light and not too sweet. I chose this primarily for the colour and to make a change from the Matcha-inspired pastries, but his green tea combinations are particularly stunning.

As such a creative artist, it’s no surprise to see this macaron wall art at Aoki’s boutique in Rue de Vaugirard.  I seriously would consider hanging this up at home. So, Monsieur Aoki, if you ever become  fed up with this on your wall, you can donate it to a happy and mad-about-macarons home. Just saying.

Macaron Wall Art by Sadaharu Aoki Paris

Meet Sadaharu Aoki’s Bamboo. It’s his more recent Japanese take on the classic Opera, which has had Parisians singing its praises for the past 60 years. Like the Opera cake, each fancy layer is made up of joconde biscuit, buttercream, chocolate ganache, syrup and glaçage – but in place of the traditional coffee syrup to accompany the chocolate, chef Aoki exchanges it with Matcha green tea and adds a splash of Kirsch liqueur, which helps add that special tonality or timbre to the opera singing!

Bambou patisserie from Sadaharu Aoki Paris

As I’ve been writing this at teatime, the squirrel corner in the kitchen above the kettle reminded me of Aoki’s green tea white chocolate wafer thin bar with lightly toasted black and white sesame seeds.  I nibbled on it with some Earl Grey tea which was a great combination but I’m sure any professional tea connoisseur would have me grilled for that.

matcha green tea chocolate by Aoki

Did you know Chef Aoki has a wonderful (and quiet) tea salon near the Eiffel Tower – all explained on my list of Best Tearooms in Paris. I have a feeling that his Matcha Green Tea Mille-feuille or Matcha éclairs are needing just another taste with a cup of tea.

Sadaharu Aoki
Flagship boutique
35 Rue de Vaugirard

75006 Paris

Metro: Rennes or Saint Sulpice
The boutique is closed on Mondays.


see Aoki's tea salon near the Eiffel Tower

Best Pastries Rue Saint-Dominique, Paris

From the kitchen

16 responses to “Japanese-Style Macarons at Sadaharu Aoki Paris”

  1. After all your hard work it must have been wonderful to get your books especially on your birthday and I am sure “Teatime in Paris” will be a great success. Also I like the new blog. Congratulations Jill – I am so proud of you.

    • Auntie Shirley! What a lovely surprise to see your encouraging words this morning. Thank you so much. x

  2. What gorgeous desserts and unusual yet creative flavors for macarons.Congrats on your new book and much success!

    • Hi Denise,
      This is what is so inspiring about Paris – so many ideas and flavours to try out. Thank you for popping in and for your kind words.

  3. I walk down the main street of my little down in remote Australia and there isn’t ONE shop that makes anything beginning to look exquisite. I do envy a walk down your streets.

    Congratulations on the new book. Can’t wait to see what’s in it! 🙂

    • Well, Maureen – either this tempts you to come to Paris soon or you open up your own boutique with all the beautiful treats you prepare …

  4. I had heard that the most exciting patisserie is on sale in Paris’s new Japanese bakeries which are decked out like science labs. I love the Japanese take on the classic “opera”. Most interesting blog Jill.

    • Thanks, Thomasina. I would say they’re more like sweet museums, showing off ephemeral art. But yes, less romantic view of science labs 😉

  5. First of all, happy birthday to you! It’s so funny to think we were both little girls growing up in Scotland at the same time! 😉

    These macarons are all incredible, but I think I need to plan to come over there and taste them for myself! You lucky girl, you!

    • That sounds the best plan, Christina. Roll on your trip to Paris! Yes, and who knows my Grandpa could have been delivering fish to your Dad! Oh, I think we have a lot of catching up on the years – and that means lots of pastries and tea! 🙂

  6. I love Sadaharu’s delicate flavors.
    Try his small ginger chocolates next time.
    He does Yuzu best of all of them of course.
    Thanks for the reminder.

    • There’s no end of things to try! It’s great. Yes, yes, I could have mentioned his make-up style of chocolates and chocorons and his macaron rusks (macaron shells that you can fill yourself) – but I’ll save these for another post – and another venue.

  7. Wow, such a creative pastry chef! You find the most incredible treats to sample. And I love, love that your a box of your newest cookbook arrived on your birthday—such a wonderful present!!! xo

    • Thank you, Liz. This is another present: the website! Thanks for popping in since I’m still trying to find my way around and this is so motivating seeing that you’re reading. Merci x

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