Leeks (Poireaux)

Random facts about leeks in France, why it’s a healthy vegetable and links to easy leek recipes.

box of leeks at the French market

Leeks in France – Some Random Facts

  • Under the cultivar of Allums, the leek is related to onions, shallots, garlic and chives, hence its taste which is a milder form of onion. Use leeks in place of onions for something a bit different;
  • Leeks are cooked and the edible part is the white and light green part (only use about 5cm of the green part). With the remaining green stalks, use them to make a homemade stock.
  • What are the health benefits of leeks? They are antioxidant and a diuretic: I often hear French doctors and nutritionists talk about eating leeks at la rentrée (return to school routine in September after Summer), to clean out the body and prepare it for Winter to increase the immune system. Rich in Vitamins A, B9 and fibre.
  • Does Magic Leek Soup exist in France? I explain this diet trend in my recipe post for Leek and Potato Soup.

cutting leeks on a chopping board

How to Prepare Leeks

  • To prepare them, cut the root off the bottom stalk or stem and discard the top dark green leaves. Leave only about 5cm off the greenish part. The rest is difficult to digest;
  • Slice the light green and top white part of the leek down the middle in order to wash out any dirt or sand from the inside layer of leaves.

cleaning and preparing leeks

Leek Season

September – April.
Autumn; Winter; Spring.

French Leek Recipes

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