Peas (Petits Pois)

French market peas

Random Facts About Peas in France

  • Peas are high in protein. Slightly sweet tasting. Delicious served fresh, straight from the pod. Can be eaten raw in salads or steamed for just a couple of minutes. Add to sauces, rice, pasta; soups;
  • Although categorised under vegetables, like the tomato, the pea is botanically a fruit as it contains seeds and is grown from a flower;
  • Fresh peas are rich in fibre and vitamin B9;
  • Fresh pea pods are best kept in the fridge for up to 48 hours.

Pea Season

April – July.

Fun French Expression with Peas

Il a un petit pois dans la tête
Familiar/colloquial expression meaning he’s a bit of an idiot (literally translated as having a pea in the head). Don’t use in good company!

Recipes with Peas

Paris Food Guide

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