Fancy trying savoury Parisian macarons? Then have some delicious fun with these mini Mushroom Macarons, using the techniques in my first cookbook, Mad About Macarons. Here’s my recipe for the mushroom macaron filling with a little truffle oil.

Top with a dusting of unsweetened cocoa powder for apéritif or pre-dinner drinks. Also great as an amuse-bouche.

mushroom macaron

Look what I found in the garden, just as the air was chilling and smelling of Autumn.

Well, let’s take that one again…

from another angle…

mushroom macarons

How to Make Mushroom Macarons

See printable recipe below.

  • For the macaron shells, follow the basic recipe from the savoury macaron chapter in my first book, Mad About Macarons (using less sugar – see page 97.)
  • While beating the meringue to stiff peaks, add a good pinch of brown with a smaller pinch of yellow powdered colouring to match the cremini, chestnut mushroom colour. Add a pinch of cayenne pepper for that little kick!
  • Pipe out the macaron batter into the smallest, cutest rounds you can. Using a smaller, 6mm plain tip makes this easier.
how to make mushroom macarons

Getting the right mushroom colour meringue

Top Tip for Cooking Mushrooms

Looking for a healthy way to cook mushrooms and bring out the best mushroom flavour? Fry the mushrooms in a dry, non-stick pan. There’s no need for any butter or oil at first.

Keep sautéing them until the mushrooms give off all their liquid. You’ll end up with healthy, natural mushrooms that are concentrated in flavour (and not dripping in oil!)

For more on mushrooms, see the market produce page on French mushrooms.

how to make mushroom filling for savoury macarons

How to Make Savoury Mushroom Macaron Filling

Follow the same principle as the other savoury mad macs in my Mad About Macarons book regarding ratio of liquid and cornflour in the filling. I dry-fried the cremini and ceps mushrooms until they sweated off all their liquid and infused them into the cream, finally blitzing the whole lot and adding a dash of good quality truffle oil.

The chocolate dusting on the shells is 100% unsweetened cacao powder.
Macaron Tip: for the speckled dusted look, dust the shells after airing, just before they go in the oven.

Et voilà.  I also added just a touch of cayenne in the shells to give it a kick. We all love macarons with feet but why not give a bit of a kick to them, too?

filling macaron shells on baking sheet

How do I Serve Savoury Mushroom Macarons?

These mini mushroom macs are great on their own served as an apéritif or as an amuse-bouche with a chilled white wine from the Jura, for example. 

Alternatively, serve them along with this Creamy Mushroom Soup (façon Cappuccino). This will guarantee “mushroom for conversation” at the dinner table (groan!). Try mushroom with coffee: it’s a flavour combination that goes surprisingly well.

coffee cup of creamy mushroom soup served with a mini truffle macaron

mushroom macaron with mushrooms

Mushroom and Truffle Filling for Macarons

mushroom macaron

Mushroom and Truffle Macaron Filling

Author: Jill Colonna
Prep Time20 mins
Cook Time25 mins
Resting Time1 d
Total Time1 d 45 mins
Course : Appetizer, Starter, Party Food, Amuse-bouche
Cuisine : French
Keyword : mushroom macarons, truffle macaron recipe
Servings : 60 mini macarons


Mushroom and Truffle filling for mini savoury French macarons, dusted with unsweetened cocoa powder for a fun apéritif or amuse-bouche.


  • 100 g (3.5oz) mushrooms (e.g. cremini, Parisian) chopped
  • 100 ml (3.5fl oz) whipping cream (30% fat)
  • 1 tsp truffle oil
  • 1 organic egg
  • 10 g (0.5oz) cornflour (cornstarch)
  • 20 g (0.75oz) butter, salted softened


Mini Mushroom Macaron Shells

  • Follow the basic mini savoury macaron recipe from my book, Mad About Macarons (using less sugar – see page 97.) Precise details are given in the book with step-by-step instructions.
  • While beating the meringue to stiff peaks, add a good pinch of brown powdered colouring with a smaller pinch of yellow powdered colouring. Add a pinch of cayenne pepper.
    Pipe out the macaron batter into the smallest, cutest rounds you can. Using a smaller, 6mm plain tip makes this easier.

Mushroom & Truffle Macaron Filling

  • Sauté the mushrooms in a dry, non-stick pan until they sweat off all their liquid. There’s no need for any butter or oil at this stage. Keep frying them until they give off their liquid. They will be concentrated in flavour (and not dripping in oil!)
  • Add the cooked mushrooms to the whipping cream, infusing them (uncovered) over a low heat for 15 minutes. Blitz with a hand blender or food processor then add the teaspoon of good quality truffle oil.
  • Whisk an egg with the cornflour in a small bowl then add to the cream and mushrooms. Keep whisking over a medium heat until the sauce thickens.
  • Set aside to cool, then whisk in the softened butter using a balloon whisk. The filling is ready to sandwich your macarons together. Leave in an airtight container in the fridge for 24 hours.


When ready to serve after 24 hours, dust mini macarons with unsweetened cacao powder and serve at room temperature with pre-dinner drinks. These mini mushroom macarons go well with this Mushroom Cappuccino for an amuse-bouche. Serve with a sprig of fresh flat-leaf parsley.
Details on how to make the savoury macarons are in my first book, Mad About Macarons.

From the market

From the kitchen

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  1. Oh my these are just too cute! I love that you found inspiration from your surroundings. The photo with the mushrooms and the macaron is so great. Will head over to check out the MacTweets.

  2. Very creative-great photos, thanks for bringing this out of archives-loved it!

    • Tina, I’m a sensitive cookie: these mushroom macs were inspired by September’s MacTweets and are brand new “mad macs” to add to the collection. The sweet ones were just taken from the book to show I can still do “normal” macarons. 😉

  3. You are so creative with those macarons! I have yet to get into the fray and I really should since macarons are naturally gluten-free which means the whole family can enjoy it. I already have your book, the mat, a piping bag (got to look into the nozzle)…maybe just not the courage 🙁

    BTW, I just realize my first comment was a little weird about not finding out about this section of your web. Truly, I must be half awake. I genuinely thought I was at another page…haha! Sorry about that!

    • Don’t worry, Biren. Right, when are you going to make them? You’re all ready to go so what are you waiting for? Who needs courage? If I can do it….
      Just go for it, girl! Hugs, J xo

  4. I love the styling of the darling little mushroom macaron. SOunds mad but delicious!

  5. What a cute “mushroom” macaron! Now that I made my first successful macaron, I look at these beauties with other eyes. Thanks so much for your lovely comment, coming from you, it made my day, seriously!

  6. Jill, everything on this post sounds delicious! The mushroom inspired macaroons are absolutely adorable! I hope you are enjoying fall to it’s full potential :)!

  7. Very amusing!
    I just bought some Portobellos today too –
    right up your allee..

  8. What an awesome idea! I love the idea of a savory cookie.

    I also loved that photo. That was so cute!

  9. Such a great whimsical idea to photograph a mac on top of a mushroom. Love it!

  10. What an amazing collection of autumn macarons! They look very tasty. Love the photos, especially the mac on the mushroom stem.

  11. This is SUCH an awesome idea – savoury macarons, wow! There’s a restaurant we go to in italy that serves a wafer biscuit with a layer of nutella and one of foie gras – I love the way it confounds your expectations, and this is exactly the same. Great macattack!

  12. Jill, you are always the clever one… I adore the mushroom photos. I almost missed the macaron because it blended in so well. I bet these delicious and light little bites would pair well with a glass of champagne. Ils sont delicieux!

  13. It amazes me how you come up with such incredible creations based on natures bounty. Hopefully once I master Macarons I too will find myself more creative.

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    These remind me of the “mushroom” decorations I often mae for Yule Logs

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    p.s. I laughed when I read about your dad throwing out the “dish water” Ooops!

  17. Jill…I am always so blown away by your unique and creative inspirations! These are just amazing! Your photography, as always, is just stunning! (And thanks for the reminder about sprinkling the shells before baking! These are just wonderful!

  18. I’m always inspired by your macarons Jill. Seems like it’s been awhile I popped by. You are indeed a macaron queen :D. I tried making my first batch of macarons that day, but toss them out.. will try again when I’m ready. Hehehe.. just need some focus and your blog helps me to stay mac focus. Hugs, Jo

  19. it stumps me every time i think of your macaron creativity….i think it stumps God too that the creation (you) who marched off His lap is tempting Him with sooooo many macarons hehe…

    you’re stuffing your posts with French at vital points and i cannae understand!

    • Thoma, you haven’t missed much. Vraiment = really; n’est-ce pas? = isn’t it?
      dans le jardin = in the garden;

  20. I guess I will have to pack scarves too! I love that shot with the mac on the mushroom, so cool. We don’t have a great selection of mushrooms in my local markets for some reason, I better go do some complaining. Hope you have a great week.

  21. Paris in the…fall time (always beautiful year round). The mac on the mushroom was such a cute idea. Flavor combos are delicious, too.

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  23. Wow those macarons sound delicious! I love the photo of the macaron as a mushroom cap… so cute! I have only been to Paris during the months of April, May, and June (due to school schedules that is what always worked best), but I really really want to go in the fall! It is my favorite season here in New England and sounds just as wonderful there.

  24. Pff!! 😀 I got totally tricked! First picture I didn’t realize the macaron and you gave us another look of the photo, then I just smiled. You are soooo good Jill! Color is just perfect. It is fun to make all kinds of macarons but it must be very challenging to come up with a new idea. However you do it so easily… Can’t wait to see your next macaron!

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