Blueberries (Myrtilles)

Some random facts about blueberries in France, when they are in season and links to easy and healthy blueberry recipes (mainly French). Want to know why they have a white bloom on them? It’s perfectly natural and safe to eat.

French market blueberries

French Blueberry Season

Summer. From June – September.

Random Facts About Blueberries in France

  • There are 2 main types: small wild blueberries found in the mountains, and the bigger cultivated blueberries. These were brought to France from North America as late as the 1980s but have less flavour than the smaller wild ones;
  • What’s the white bloom on blueberries? It’s safe and a natural coating that protects the fruit from bacteria. It’s also a good sign that blueberries are fresh and havn’t been handled much as the bloom disappears over a few days. However, do wash blueberries before eating;
  • Blueberries are rich in vitamin C and are good antioxidants. Eaten fresh, scatter them on top of a healthy maple granola for breakfast or on a crème caramel for dessert;
  • Blueberries are usually sold at our French markets in little trays (barquettes) of about 125g/4.5oz;
  • French cultivated blueberries, however, lack flavour so in recipes where cooking them, bring out their taste by adding vanilla, almond, lemon – and even lemon coriander seeds (see my blueberry bavarois recipe);
  • Storage: It’s best to store them in the fridge for up to a week.


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