Cherries (Cerises)

crates of dark cherries

Some Random Facts About French Cherries

  • The Bigarreau cherry is the most popular variety in France and there are many varying cherry colours of sweetness and acidity that belong to its family (e.g. Burlat being most popular, Summit and Van);
  • As cherry season is so short, to enjoy cherries all year round, they are candied in the Luberon, the region with the most cherries in France. Glacé cherries are most famous from the town of Apt (see more in this post on the region, as my parents-in-law live next door!);
  • The Bigarreau Napoléon cherry variety is best for candying to make glacé cherries, thanks to its firm white flesh;
  • The Montmorency cherry is a particularly acidic variety grown since the 17th Century in Île-de-France and popular in jams and preserves.

Cherry Season in France

Summer. End May – mid July.

Recipes with Cherries

Chocolate Cherry Macaron Ganache

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