Watercress (Cresson)

watercress at the French market

Random French Watercress (Cresson) Facts:

  • Semi-aquatic plant from the mustard and turnip family. Mainly grown in Northern France: Ile-de France and Normandy.
  • Peppery (even slightly cheesy when cooked) flavours are great served raw in salads and with cheese before dessert. When cooked, most popular in France prepared in watercress Soup (soupe au cresson);
  • 2 varieties in France: Le cresson d’alénois (eaten when young) and le cresson de fontaine (bigger leaves and more spicy/peppery);
  • When choosing watercress, ensure leaves are dark green and consume quickly within 2 days. Store in the fridge. Wash leaves in water with a few drops of vinegar;

Watercress Seasons

Autumn; Winter; Spring.
September – May. Best watercress harvest is in December.

Watercress Recipes

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