Savoury Macarons: 15 Recipe Ideas to Serve with Them

Savoury macarons and some festive starter ideas to serve with them for something surprisingly different on your holiday menu.

Savory macaron recipe ideas

Do Savoury Macarons Still Need Sugar?

A Parisian macaron needs sugar in the recipe in order for the macaron shells to work but can we cut down on sugar for making savoury macarons? The cool answer is YES! While I was developing the recipe for the savoury macaron chapter in the book, I aimed at cutting down on the sugar as much as I could dare and couldn’t believe that the macarons still worked!

Mad About Savoury Macarons: Hot & Spicy

Savoury macarons may perhaps sound strange if you haven’t tried them yet – and once you have with a glass of bubbly during the festive season or for a special occasion, the result is pretty mind-blowing: they’re surprisingly delicious!

If you’ve tried any of the savoury macaron recipes from my first book’s ‘Mad Macs‘ chapter, you’ll discover that many of them are HOT and SPICY, which makes an interesting tasting sensation: the sweetness of the macaron helps put out the fire after the first couple of seconds!

In this post, I’d like to share 15 starter recipe ideas to serve with your savoury macarons.  They’re not just for an apéritif: served with a bowl of soup or on top of a bright and cheerful salad – or even a risotto – the surprise element is taken to the next level and adds a touch of gourmet fun to the table.

beet horseradish macaron with smoked salmon

Beetroot & Horseradish Macarons

Gourmet meals can be given that extra touch of chic with a horseradish and beetroot macaron (recipe on page 103 of my book). Here I’ve served it with Salar Scottish hot smoked salmon with an apple and horseradish sauce recipe.

terre et mer beetroot macaron

On our previous family visit to my husband’s island of Corsica, we had a surprising gourmet treat consisting of this Terre et Mer simple yet sophisticated starter recipe. It may look and sound unusual but, believe me, the mix of smoked salmon with smoky charcuterie dried hams just works.  Back at home, I added chiogga beetroot and apple slices (marinated in lemon juice) for an extra healthy crunch. However, adding this spicy macaron adds that je ne sais quoi WOW FACTOR.

It totally works – please try this, it’s a tasting delight.

Baked Roquefort Green Salad

Beetroot and horseradish macarons will also be fabulous with this artichoke, red onion and roquefort salad. The garden herb macarons (page 97) will also make this salad really sensational.

Beet and horseradish risotto with red wine and a savoury macaron

Why not serve them with a mini portion of beetroot and horseradish risotto, especially designed to accompany your mini savoury macaron on top?

Tikka Curry Macarons – Perfect with Soup!

Mini tikka curry macarons (on page 100) are brilliant with a Gin & Tonic but served with food? They’re a spicy surprise on the side to velvety soups, like this leek, pumpkin and ginger velouté.

festive savory macaron ideas

Or why not try them with a mini amuse-bouche of parsnip, round carrot and coriander soup? Round carrots, or Parisian carrots are round, short and dumpy and have an even sweeter flavour than normal carrots.

Mini Tikka MacSala macarons are just as delicious with a Curried Cauliflower Velouté too, with a sunken, seared scallop or two…

curried cauliflower soup with seared scallops

Tikka macarons, predominantly with cumin in them for spice, would also go well with this Moroccan Chicken & Prune Tagine. Why not? I found extra mini porcelain tagine dishes in Paris that could hide a mini cumin macaron in them for that extra fun surprise at the table.

turkey prune tagine macarons

Thai Red/Green Curry Macarons

Curry fans can make it hot under the mistletoe with the mini Thai curry macarons. Make them red or green, depending on your mood with a hint of coconut. Again, great with a Gin & Tonic but try them with food to get the party well and truly started.

Thai red christmas curry macarons by Jill

Thai green curry macarons can be a surprising addition to this recipe starter of sweet potato, crab and thai herb croquettes, served with a thai-style mayonnaise to use up your egg yolks (again, the recipe is with the croquettes).

Or what about serving a mini mac with these light, gluten-free ginger, crab and coriander quiches?

Garden Herb Macarons

Inspiration for this warming French watercress soup (soupe au cresson) came after a trip to the beautiful watercress beds in Normandy. Serve with garden herb macarons (recipe on page 97 of the book).

Or surprise your guests with mini herb macarons as a side to this cherry tomato, wild strawberry and rocket salad, peut-être? It’s perfect for those of you lucky sun-kissed macaronivores in the Southern Hemisphere.

Bloody Mary Macarons – for Adults Only!

Moreover, serve the above salad with a Bloody Mary macaron for a surprise with a slightly bigger punch (although please do ensure that you inform guests that there is a touch of vodka in them). Vodka lovers will adore the delicious surprise element, having these served as an apéritif.

Why not serve a few mini Bloody Mary Macarons with these roasted tomato & mozzarella bites? They’re ideal as nibbles in the winter, when tomatoes are not usually as tasty out of season and so roasting them slightly in this way concentrates their flavour.

Add the macarons also to those party toffee cherry tomatoes – great fun!

We’re back to that warming bowl of soup again, though. What about serving Bloody Mary Macarons with a smooth  Sweetcorn & Red Pepper Chowder? In fact, most of the savoury macarons in my book goes with this, as a touch of spice is sensational wrapped up in a tiny, chic Parisian macaron.

Sweetcorn and red pepper cream soup recipe

Savoury Macarons: The Recipes

All of the above mentioned savoury macarons are in their very own Mad Macs Chapter in my first book,
Mad About Macarons! They’re not just fun but utterly delicious and add a fun side to the festive table or special occasions at any time of year.

I’m a green and red curry macaron ‘read-thai’ to party!

Traditional Parisian Macarons

Not ready to make the plunge to savoury macarons? Then I have plenty of sweet macaron recipes to choose from! For copyright reasons with my publisher, the macaron recipe is not here on le blog but instead you’ll find all the recipes, tips and more in both my books.

christmas macaron ideas


Happy holidays and wishing you a
Healthy, Happy and a Macaron-ivorous New Year!

Serving ideas for savoury macarons

This post was originally published on 20 December 2013, but is now updated to include many more recipe links since this was posted.

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I’ve first tried savory macarons in Aix en Provence a few years ago and found them to be sensational to say the least. I have to get my hands on your cookbook and head straight for the savory macaron section!
Happy New Year 🙂

They’re fun, Gintare, so hope you make them. I love the spicy hot ones which are a real gourmet experience! All the best to you.

Jill what a lot of super savoury ideas – not just macarons but delicious nibbles – your recipes as so “do able” and the photographs show great ideas of presentation. You are always coming up with something new and I am sure you are now thinking up more fantastic recipes for 2014.

Hope your back is a lot better Jill and I wish you and yours a very happy, healthy and exciting 2014.

Thank you so much for such kind words, Shirley. Yes, being good with the back and continuing with physio every week so this will be a good year. Also on the recipe front. Still waiting to tell you all but something exciting on the burner for this year!

Oh, Jill, I MUST add savory macs to my 2014 baking list! SO many fun ideas and pairings. Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family! Fingers crossed I get back to Paris one day soon (I’m hoping for a trip with my sisters who will all appreciate the culinary wonders of your city!).

Fabulous, Liz – hope you’re getting that girls’ trip planned to Paris this year! Keep me posted. Ooh, and also for your savoury macarons…

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