french market scene

What Can You Find in a French Market?

Markets are a huge part of food culture in France. It’s not just where we buy fresh produce but a place where we discuss the produce, how best to prepare them, plus exchange recipes – many of them you’ll find as a result on le blog.

What are Markets like in France? I often hear visitors ask this when they arrive, so let me show you a typical French market (le marché). It’s not only where we buy the freshest produce, it’s where we discuss the products and share  interesting recipes. This virtual guide is based on our local farmers’ market in Saint-Germain-en-Laye, between Paris and Versailles, which takes place three times a week. Farmers’ markets are to be found all around Paris at different times – so there’s a market to be found every day of the week!

The most popular stalls are the fruit and vegetables. Each produce card contains related recipes, interesting facts. Did you know that une grosse légume (a big vegetable) is slang for a big wig, a VIP? Find out many more colloquial French expressions with fruits or vegetables below.

More to Come

I’ll gradually be adding more as the seasons go by. Other stalls to gradually join here: dairy; poultry; meats; fish/seafood (including oyster stands when in season).

What else can you find at a typical French market? Stands selling ready-made foods (most often foreign dishes such as Moroccan couscous, Lebanese, Paëlla, Choucroute, etc.) and non-food stands such as flowers, clothes, and cooking equipment. See more on my Instagram highlights!